SEO requires time and patience. But how much time and how much patience? When should you FIRE your SEO Guy?


SEO Is A Timely Process


times running out


SEO isn’t special super powers that a company uses and you wake up with lots of hits. You don’t get customers flying over in packs with tons of money ready to buy your products and or services, also. Lol 🙂

What you must understand is that SEO comes with time. When the best strategies are used you will start to see more traffic.

You’ll want to always start off giving appropriate time for your SEO guy BUT make sure to check below for reasons to Fire your SEO Guy.


You’re Fired If You Don’t Create Results

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Just because SEO does take time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get something right off the jump. Peace of mind is always helpful, right? That’s why in most cases your SEO Guy will go over a strategy and or options for your website. Things to focus on in the coming months to help rank your website better. Best practices to implement and a clear path of the goal at hand. If you don’t get this with your first month it might be time to fire your SEO Guy.


You’re Fired If You’re Unable To Communicate

communication is key

When tackling an SEO campaign all the information is out there. Some harder to find than others but the fact remains, it’s out there. When following all these guidelines and methods results happen. They can also happen with bad SEO strategies. Your SEO Guy should be informative and always willing to discuss your website and its improvements.

You should feel comfortable and able to communicate throughout the whole process.

If things start seeming odd and not making much sense they might be involved in bad SEO methods.


You’re Fired If Traffic Stops Without Reason

traffic dropped

Have you seen a spike downward in your website traffic? If it’s dramatically plummeted it’s time to discuss what can be causing this with your SEO Guy. This can be normal at the same time but you need to discuss this in order to get answers.

The main objective is to gain website traffic, not lose it.

If they cannot give a good explanation or it simply doesn’t add up, they probably have committed some bad SEO strategies that are penalizing your website.


You’re Fired If Traffic Spikes Up A Lot Overnight

traffic increased

Now before you get nervous you can easily gain a lot of traffic, fast. Things like viral content and companies/publisher picking up your article'(s). In these situations, you most likely are known to the fact. But 9 out 10 times if your website traffic spikes and I mean spikes, thousands coming by the piles, it’s probably bots.

Some bad companies will send fake bots to increase website views and make their work look better. This is usually an easy spot with the right eye. Do you think your website is being bombed with bots?

Contact OGDEREK and he’d be happy to help.


You’re Fired If You’re Not Backing It Up

intelligent life


Okay, it’s been 6 months. You’ve been following your SEO Guy the whole time. You’ve paid for various services and been consistent with content and suggested actions.

But no improvement or signs of intelligent life living on your website? Well time to fly outta there! If you’ve seen minor improvements, then you know something is trying to work and needs to be tweaked. Your SEO Guy should be willing to come up with a better SEO Strategy and help work through this. They should also be contacting you first with a solution before you even notice.

If they’re not making an effort to fix your website ranking it’s time to throw them on the curb!



if you need any assistance with SEO (search engine optimization) feel free to reach out to OGDEREK!