5 Ways to AVOID the Scams


Searching for a reputable business is just plain tough!

Everyone seems to have the best deals and offer unbeatable or even free pricing on various services.

So what are some tips to avoid doing business with scam artists or kids in their parent’s basement?


5 ways to avoid scams


1. Ask for their website details. If they don’t own one that’s your first red flag.

2. Ask for their social media accounts, they should at least have a couple on the major platforms even if they don’t update them regularly.

3. Google their business name to see if anything bad pops up, seriously!

4. Visit their profile and see just what type of person you might be doing business with.

5. Get on the phone! Hear a voice and have a conversation.


Hopefully, you’ve been able to avoid the scams. Have you been scammed in the past? Do you have any tips?